Big Thanks to the Folks at Barnes & Noble Menlo Park for Hosting CoderDojo Metuchen at Mini Maker Faire

Just got back from our local Barnes & Noble Menlo Park, where CoderDojo Metuchen was graciously hosted as part of the Mini Maker Faire weekend.

Big thanks go out to all who made the event possible – it was great to see the variety of programs scheduled over the three-day event – they even had a life-sized dinosaur tromping about the store on Friday night!

For our part, CoderDojo Metuchen had a few mentors at the store – we gave some demos to passing kids and parents about the kind of stuff we do at our monthly workshops. Handed out some flyers. Nothing too formal – just a chance to meet some folks, get the word out, and see what kinds of stuff the young maker-kids are interested in doing.

Hopefully some of the folks we met will make it to some of our upcoming sessions at the Metuchen Public Library…

Some of the highlights:

  • A journalism student who was working on an assignment to cover the Maker event. We gave her lots of info, links to our website, hopefully some quotable quotes, etc…
  • A local woman who has been trying to find more places for her son to learn about programming (many schools don’t yet do much in this area…) – we’re still hoping to find ways to kick-start more Dojos in neighboring towns, so if you’re interested… 🙂
  • An old-school COBOL programmer who gave me a chance to show-off the new turtle graphics (Pencil Code).
  • A sixth-grader who did a fly-by, checked out the Scratch workstation, said it was awesome, and then headed off to check-out some of the other fun stuff in the store (maybe the 3D printer?).

If we didn’t see you there today, hope to see you soon at an upcoming event – we’ve got a lot of exciting stuff on the horizon. Stay tuned for registration announcements and for a special event in December for the upcoming Hour of Code week.

Happy coding! 🙂

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